materials & processing
inktopaperpress postcards are commercially printed on glossy, white 10pt Kromekote (25% recycled content, no UV coating, FSC Certified and Elemental Chlorine Free), with excellent color reproduction. the paper is thinner than coated paper but substantial and travels well through the mail. though there is probably a substantial life to this paper and certainly feels sturdy to the touch, i'm happy for recipients to enjoy the moment and then recycle the cards, or add creative touches and send back out. 

each card is approximately 3.5”x5”, the minimum required for using postcard postage rates. attribution details (the title of the original artwork, date, & artist’s name) are available on, where a link to the source site & source image are shown. the back of the cards are ink-stamped with only the inktopaperpress url.

the postcards are small but travel well through the mail as is, but a kraft (brown paper) envelope for each is included (50 cents off the price per set if you choose the open-air route, meaning no envelopes).

ordering & prices
all images on the inktopaperpress site are available as cards, but to keep them accessible, this is a print-on-demand operation. most cards will stay in stock & be available quickly, but some will have a delay (up to 2 weeks to get to you). i order from the printer as i go for the cards i don’t have in stock.

individual cards can be ordered, but a set of four is cheaper ~ one to three cards, each: $.30 (including envelope) + $.50 shipping ~ a set of four cards (including envelopes), each set: $1.50 + $1.00 shipping. shop is yet to come, still being organized (as of 1/15/22).

i’m happy to exchange a card if you’d like to pay for shipping. if you’re  a new customer & would like to view before buying, let me know ~ i’ll send a free sample... shipping is on me.

my options are limited here, as they are most places. i am using a small independent printshop a few miles from where i live. being a strong proponent of alternative transportation, i use a bike or bus to get there. i've looked hard for a mail order printer with good qualifications, not just good color reproduction and good materials, but a place that can do quality short runs on recycled paper (with a digital press process), with eco-friendly cleaning & disposal practices. but the options are few. my best bet is to use the local printer (white rabbit printshop), and keep the cards small. i like the idea of small anyway. for this project. the printshop doesn't use soy ink or fully recycled paper, but uses a digital press (less harmful than offset printing), is committed to sustainability, and the staff is great to work with. 

why paper postcards?
i love them! they're simple &  unpretentious; quick & easy; cheap ~ no envelope or front-end equipment needed; they have a small footprint ~ no need to be deeply eloquent, space constraints inspire their own kind of poetry; they're more economical than a letter, more tangible & personal than text or email & offer the beauty of print on paper; they can travel great distances to arrive mysteriously at their destinations, rarely a clue as to encounters had along the way; the paper postcard has a life of its own ~ upon receipt embellish & send back out, recycle what comes your way. i like the friendliness of it.