postcards with an inspired sense of history
inktopaperpress postcards feature altered images of work originally created by, for the most part, artists working before or around the turn of the 20th century (the originals were usually created before 1924). those images are now available through the public domain.

all images on are modified versions of the original. although the rules of image copyright can be complicated, because these cards represent personal renditions of the original artwork & i've read & re-read the guidelines, i do feel comfortable claiming copyright to inktopaperpress images and cards.

my preference is that if you wish to work with images for your own projects, please follow the links to the source sites to download files there.

according to their source institutions, the original pieces are in the public domain, but please confirm the work’s current status for yourself ~ corrections/input welcomed.

public domain
it’s a privilege & a somewhat tricky matter to use someone else’s art to create my own, so i’ve included links pointing back to the source of each image or to an information page if i scanned the image instead of using a digital source.

inktopaperpress cards are altered images. i don’t try to reproduce exact copies of the originals (i can’t & don’t want to). if you’d like to see a closer rendition of what the artist might have intended, please click on the captions under the images inside the galleries & in many cases keep looking beyond that. you’ll find unexpected pathways & treasures, one discovery always leading to another. it’s a good way to expose yourself to art history, or to any history. the stories expand in many directions.

i haven’t tried to give the full back story of the pieces, only to let you know that there is one. each image has its own history & context.

if you need help navigating the links, please contact me. 
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& thank you to these sites for sharing (click to visit):
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rijksmuseum museum of the netherlands
tamiment lib/robt f. wagner labor archives, nyu’s liberator/the masses
falvey mem. library, villanova university
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